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Soft Maintenance



At go stations, our staff will perform a visual maintenance check to make sure that your vehicle does not lack any added component that might make your ride uncomfortable; such things could be like anti-freeze distilled water for the windshield cleaners or for the engine, air filters, etc…

Oil Changing services


Although the primary function of Oil is reducing the friction between parts of the engine as much as possible, yet it also allows those parts to move more freely and efficiently with less needed power.  


At go Stations we make sure that the right Oil is added to the right car components “Engine, Breaks, etc.” for optimum performance and efficiency

Car Washing services



There’s a Car Wash that will best suit your car. Here at go stations, we make sure that every car wash thoroughly cleans your car using pumped water and specially design degradable soaps to loosen dirt from outer surfaces.

Tire Puncture services



No matter how good of a quality your Tires have, they will still need the proper maintenance all the way from general air pressure inspections and air leakages or punctures to changing the entire tire(s) with a selected variety of brands found at go stations.

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About Al Watanieh Co.

In the 1970s, the founder of Al Watanieh started leasing gas stations in Jordan. As the business grew so well, the company expanded its operations in the 1980s to establish its own station in one of Amman's most vibrant and strategic locations.

In 2004 Al Watanieh was established as a company, specialized in providing and distributing fuel to individuals and corporations.

The same year it expanded its network of service stations across The Kingdom of Jordan.