MobilGard™ – The Engineered Advantage™

MobilGard is the range of marine engine oils from ExxonMobil, developed to protect fleets ranging

from the world’s largest operating in international waters to local fishing boats, dredging and supply

vessel businesses.

Supported by over 60 years of engineering excellence and lubricant technology in marine engines,

MobilGard oils offer optimum performance, reliability and consistent quality.

Ship owners and operators have relied on the efficiency and reliability of a MobilGard-protected engine to help lower their cost of operation by:

  •      Extending engine and component life

  •      Lowering oil consumption

  •      Increasing oil drain intervals

  •      Reducing maintenance costs and downtime

Mobilgard™ 560 VS is a high-performance cylinder oil that delivers outstanding wear performance for slow speed marine engines at both high and low fuel sulphur levels. 

ExxonMobil also offers a suite of Mobil Delvac™ branded diesel engine lubricants for a wide range of high speed marine engine applications.​

Marine applications suitable for MobilGard and Mobil Delvac Lubricants

  • Fishing – coastal and deep sea

  • Coastal and inland waterway freight

  • Transportation: tugs, barges and tankers

  • Coastal and inland waterway passenger transportation – ferry and cruise ships

  • Leisure crafts and boats

  • Offshore supply vessels and offshore – oil and gas, and drilling and production

  • Dredging

  • Harbour operations - tug, barges, supply vessels and cargo handling shipyards

  • Government: coast guards, Navy, custom, police, salvage.

​For the latest product specifications and approvals, please visit the Product Data Sheet library and the Material Safety Data Sheet library.

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